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Thursday · December 04 2003

I read it on the Internet so it must be true.

For 20 minutes during the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, 14 models dressed in lingerie will participate in a tackle football game.
DaimlerChrysler is sponsoring a pay-per-view Lingerie Bowl during the Super Bowl halftime. James Kenyon, a spokesman for Chrysler Group, said, "it's another way for us to break through the advertising clutter."

Can't we just have the Bud Bowl back? Or bring out the Glenbrook North powderpuff girls? Throw puke and feces into your friend's hair...Buy a Dodge!

What you had to say:
December 04 2003

I agree with you - low IQ stuff...

December 04 2003

I'm not saying I wouldn't watch this...because I would. But who would pay $30 for this when I can watch Elimidate for free.

December 04 2003

They can throw *my* vomit at each other. How gross.

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