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Thursday · December 04 2003

I know Steve and Michelle are 2 of the 6,300 sick with the flu in Colorado. They probably didn't get their flu shots just like I don't get flu shots. I don't believe in flu shots. Throw all the scientific evidence you want at me, but if you're going to get sick, you're going to get sick. Get well, guys.

I also have a completely irrational disbelief in food allergies, as ridiculous as that sounds. It's one of those things I've never experienced and I don't know anyone who has died from peanuts.

I don't believe in the moon either. I've never been there.

What you had to say:
December 04 2003

Don't believe in the flu shot??? Have you read or watched the news lately or you can come to work with me one's not the stomach flu- it's the lung flu that can be deathly- no, usually not in young, healthy adults but still very possible...
and food allergies do exist believe you me-
doubter!! he he

December 04 2003

yeah, you better be glad i can't make your birthday party cuz i'd kick your ass.
food allergies are very real and very F(*&@ scary.
however, i won't get a flu shot either.
get well soon, steve & michell!

December 05 2003

I don't believe in Santa Claus either.

(Note on food allergies: Yes, I know that people can go into shock and die. Of course I recognize that and don't want that to happen. I'm talking about people who list all this crap they're allergic to b/c it made their skin a little itchy when they were 9. They're fakers. They give the people who go into anaphylatic shock from peanuts a bad name.)

December 05 2003

I understand that food allergies -- *natural food* allergies -- are actually quite rare. It's food *intolerances* that are common.

Tori, I'll go to the birthday party and kick his ass!

December 05 2003

oops, sorry about the typo on your name, Michelle.

December 06 2003

Thanks for the get-well wishes. We spent the thanksgiving weekend with the 2 nephews and niece, aka: germy germums. any little person under the age of 12 is a walking bag of sick.

Funny thing is: all 3 had just gotten their flu shots 2 days before they all got sick and spread their germs to the family community. We came home from the weekend and got sick 2 days later, which was exactly a week after michelle had gotten her flu shot.

I know the flu shot takes about 2 weeks to get your body ready to fight, but any exposure to the flu prior, and your body is weaker than if you didn't have the shot in the first place. So I'm guessing that's how the kids got sick, and eventually michelle and i got sick.

I don't believe in the shot either...what good did it do michelle or the kids this year? and they guess on what strain is going to hit hardest, it's all too possible to get a strain that's not in the shot. anyways, achoo.

December 16 2003

what is the worst thing about the flu?

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