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Wednesday · December 03 2003

Stace and I did a bunch of our Christmas shopping while we were in Scotland, so the shopping anxiety level is at a new low for me. I hate ending up at Woodfield mall the week before, because mall stuff tends to be pretty generic. If I really panic, I end up buying gift certificates. Eek, nothing says "I don't know you" like an Amazon gift certificate. Buy a free oil change or something. If you don't have ideas, you gotta show some effort.

I've found a few interesting gifts for friends and Stacy online in some channels I wouldn't have thought to look. I still have my Dad to figure out, but that's always a tough one. He does a great job surprising me. He just has a gift for holiday shopping. I think I have a good idea, but I need to do some research on the specifics.

Holiday shopping can be fun. Stay away from the malls and don't cave into gift certificates. Unless it's for your work grabbag and you don't have a clue who Nancy is.

What you had to say:
December 03 2003

I actually know who my work Secret Santa person is this year. This is very exciting for me because now I can buy something other than a Borders gift certificate!

December 04 2003

Someone did give me a great gift certificate last year, to a beauty salon. I had my choice of getting a haircut, a manicure, a massage... Brilliant!

December 04 2003

That type of gift certificate is pretty cool. I'm all for massage gift certificates.

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