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Tuesday · December 02 2003

I haven't been quiet because I'm short of ideas or words. Quite the opposite. I'm flooded with things I want to say, but I haven't been sure if this is the right place to share. I've decided that if this isn't the place, I need to stop this altogether. I may do that if this post turns into a bad idea, but I hope it won't. When I started writing this site, I wanted attention. I wanted to connect and get validation for what I had to say. I wanted it all now.

Once I was aware that I wasn't speaking into a black hole -- that you were coming back daily to see what I discovered on the web or in my life, I was hooked (addicted, compelled, whatever word you want to use). I was hooked on making you return by giving you what I thought you wanted. That's not the same as what I need to say. I edit and sanitize these ideas because if I don't, you might go. If I give you clever links and hide behind the sarcastic commentary, I'm not doing what I set out to do. And that is: write honestly. It's exhausting work to guess at and construct a reality that I think will make everyone like me. I have been working that job too long.

If you leave because of posts like this, that's alright.

What you had to say:
December 02 2003

Personally, I think writing posts like this is what makes you unique and shares who you are and what you are going through in your life. There are so many sites whose focus is to provide funny, sarcastic commentary on the world. That is fine, but it doesn't share much about the blogger. I realize I am a biased party, but I prefer having honest writing (like this post) included in websites. I am not a reader of many blogs, but sites that only have impersonal commentary I rarely visit on a regular basis.

Anyway, I believe you are a talented writer and sharing personal feelings and thoughts through writing is often what makes it worth reading.

December 02 2003

Go for it Jay. The witty commentary and funny links are enjoyable, but there's plenty of that all over the web. I like hearing what's floating around inside that head of yours.

BTW, had a great time on Saturday with you guys.

December 02 2003

I enjoy your honesty. It invites us to be honest as well. And that counts for a lot.
The real stuff makes me think and the fun stuff gets me out of my own head. What more could I want from a blog?!?

December 04 2003

Every word here is just what I've been thinking. Did you xerox my thoughts?

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