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Friday · November 28 2003

Moses in The Brick TestamentThe Brick Testament is the most impressive Lego project of them all. Complete with (Lego) nudity, sexual content, violence, cursing, and a healthy dose of dark humor, The Brick Testament illustrates the Bible with Lego storyboards. Witness the lessons of "Following Your Own Moral Compass", "When to Marry Your Sister In-Law", "Newlyweds", "Transvestism", and "The Ten Commandments".

The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith created The Brick Testament. This begs the question: Is this guy really a reverend?

'Reverend', when used before someone's name, does not imply any particular position in a church. There is really no such thing as 'a reverend'. The adjective is used by people such as ministers and priests, to show that they are revered members of their community. So the question really is, does anybody really revere The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith?
I revere his sense of humor and his impressive collection of Lego blocks.

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