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Monday · November 24 2003

Stace and I flew back from Denver this morning and brought the cold and snow with us. Hope nobody minds. We spent the weekend with Steve and Michelle in their LoDo bungalow (LoDo is Denver-ese for 'uncontrollable explosive growth area of brick condo lofts and bars with buffalo chicken sandwiches') and got to hook up with our western cache of friends. I think if one more person I know moves west, I'll have fewer friends left in Chicago than I do out there.

steve_milehigh.jpgWe went to the Broncos-Bears game yesterday and kept our toes and ears reasonably warm until the end of the third quarter when the sun dipped below the stadium top. The temperature then dropped about 20 degrees and left me with a plastic tub of cold nacho cheez and the five drunk Bears fans in front of me. These guys enjoyed trading headbutts, yelling "Hey Wicki, did you see that?" to some guy named Wicki sitting 3 aisles over, and standing up for 95% of the plays even when nothing was happening. They offered us their flasks of Knob Creek whiskey, but I said no thanks. I hoped the next shot would leave them passed out in the aisle and I could see a play without three Urlacher jerseys standing in front of me. No luck.

The Bears pulled off a stunning upset in a sloppy game full of field goals and penalties. Stacy and Michelle weren't very happy about the outcome, but they were silent about it as were most of the Bronco fans. Losing at home sucks, but losing to the Bears and their last place offense in your Mile High home is embarrassing. Despite the cold, our shit-faced Bear fan neighbors, and our split loyalties to the teams, we had an outstanding time. Neither of us had been to the new Mile High stadium and, as Steve said, "It's not about the game, it's about who you go with."

I spent the entire weekend cold and full of good food. Better than being cold and hungry, but I need to make a new hole in my belt. The oysters, shrimp, fish (and don't forget the chocolate cake) feast at Jax on saturday was enough on its own, but Steve pushed it over the edge sunday morning with steak and eggs for the 8 of us going to the game. Nothing lets your body know you're thinking healthy like a T-bone and cheesy eggs before a sub freezing football game. Never mind the calories and cholesterol...Yum.

Steve and Michelle were excellent hosts as always. They've had so many friends and family visit with them in Denver, they ought to open a B&B. First, Steve has to get through law school, but come time, Mr. Vegas (the well-mannered boxer) will make an excellent butler.

© 2003 Jason Keglovitz