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Thursday · November 20 2003

Arena rock seized the Double Door on wednesday night, raised its lighter, pumped its fist, and didn't let go until The Darkness bowed off the stage. Alternately assuming the personas of Peter Frampton, Angus Young and Freddy Mercury, lead singer Justin Hawkins executed every hard rock cliche to perfection. He wore sequined, bare chested robes, routinely encouraged the crowd to sing along and clap above our heads, and even rode a roadie's shoulders around the audience while playing a guitar solo (on a pearl white Les Paul, of course).

Gar had never heard more than a song by The Darkness, and I get a little nervous bringing friends to unfamiliar shows. He liked these guys immediately, as would anyone raised on power chord rock in the last 30 years. He turned to me during "Black Shuck", "This is like seeing AC/DC before they were AC/DC." Indeed.

When I first played Permission To Land for Stacy, I didn't know if I would make any headway. She liked The Cure and Pet Shop Boys in high school, not Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard. I gave her the CD to take to work and listen, because I wanted her to enjoy the show. She can't get "Love On the Rocks With No Ice" out of her head and she forgot to take any pictures last night because she was so entranced with the stage antics. I think my wife is a fan of The Darkness now.

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November 20 2003

I admit I wasn't sure at first, but I had such a great time at the show. I even listened to the album this morning. :) Luuuuooooovvveee on the rocks with no ice!

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