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Thursday · November 20 2003

Mattel Football at
...Amazon: $12.99
...Urban Outfitters: $20.00
...Barney's New York: $35.00

1. Mattel Football sucks. It was interesting when I was 8 years old and fascinated by watching red blips move horizontally on a screen, but I require a little more from my gaming experience now and you probably should too. This would hold my interest for about 3 seconds. Yay, retro!

2. Who shops at Urban Outfitters? Is anyone other than gullible college freshmen interested in their overpiced, kitschy garbage?

3. People buy video games at Barney's New York?

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What you had to say:
November 21 2003

I'm beginning to accept this phenomenon of "same-product, higher-price" at department stores. My current employer has taught me all about this.

November 21 2003

I've shopped at Urban. And i found some nice jewelery for my wife there. so put that in your trendy pipe and smoke it.

November 21 2003


You shop at UO and call me trendy? Zurely, zhou cannot be zeriouz?

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