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Tuesday · November 18 2003

If you have been to our home, I almost certainly showed you my Slimp3 player. I'm not a gadget head -- my cell phone is just over a year old -- but the Slimp3 is my favorite show off toy. The device is nearly perfect, but one major feature is missing: native wireless support. I bought a cheap Linksys bridge to connect to our wireless network. It works well enough, but the extra wires and bulk take away from the Slimp3's elegance.

Slimdevices is releasing the Squeezebox just in time for Christmas. The price ($299) is higher than the hardwired Slimp3 ($229), but the new release eliminates the need for a wireless bridge along with the extra wires and hardware. 10% of Squeezebox net profits will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non profit organization chartered to protect the digital rights of consumers. More on Slimdevices support of the EFF can be found here.

Our flat has two separate living spaces, the living room in front and the kitchen in the back. I've been shuttling the Slimp3 back and forth between rooms depending on where I want to listen to music. The Squeezebox is perched right on top of my birthday/Christmas list.

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November 18 2003

Should take a look at this. It's not wireless, but much cheaper.

November 19 2003

Thanks for the link. I've heard of the Rio before, but didn't know about its availability on At that price I could get 2 Rios for less, so I'll investigate.

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