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Tuesday · November 18 2003

Most Thais are capable of at least 13 different variations of smiling. Each has a name...

  1. Yim thang nam taa: The “I’m so happy I’m crying” smile.
  2. Yim thak thaai: The “polite” smile for someone you barely know.
  3. Yim cheun chom: The “I admire you” smile.
  4. Fuen Yim: The stiff smile, also known as the “I should laugh at the joke though it’s not funny” Smile.
  5. Yim mee lessanai: The smile which masks something wicked in your mind.
  6. Yim yaw: The teasing, or “I told you so” smile.
  7. Yim yae-yae: The “I know things look pretty bad but there’s no point in crying over spilt milk” smile.
  8. Yim sao: The sad smile.
  9. Yim haeng: The dry smile, also known as the “I know I owe you the money but I don’t have it” smile.
  10. Yim thak thaan: The “I disagree with you” smile, also known as the “You can go ahead and propose it but your idea’s no good” smile.
  11. Yim cheua-cheuan: The “I am the winner” smile, the smile given to a losing competitor.
  12. Yim soo: “smiling in the face of an impossible struggle” smile.
  13. Yim mai awk: The “I’m trying to smile but can’t” smile.
I can see you giving me Fuen Yim, so knock it off.

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November 18 2003

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