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Friday · November 14 2003

Mmm, mmm, this Maudite tastes mighty fine
Tony is in Chicago this week and, on wednesday, Stace and I had the pleasure of sharing dinner and a Maudite with our favorite shrink from Portland. Anthony is clearly enjoying his brew in the picture above. He fielded all of my curiosity about borderline personality disorders and life as a psychiatrist. We also got to look at pictures of his traditional Indian wedding in Austrailia. I wish I could have been there to be part of the celebration. Good seeing you, Ton.

What you had to say:
November 14 2003

We miss you here, Tony! How far is Portland from San Francisco? lol.

November 14 2003

Does Tony have a mustache in that picture or is that just the foam from the glass?
He is thoroughly enjoying his glass of brew...makes me want to take the day off work and go enjoy a good brew

November 14 2003

That's just his frothy Maudite, a beer from the Quebecois.

Tony does not have a mustache. He was, however, covered in yellow tumeric at his wedding.

November 14 2003

You gotta love Hopleaf! Good to see you, Tony.

November 17 2003

Hey, finally sat down to check in on things in the Keglosphere and find myself looking at... myself. Scary. In response to the comments, could I grow a 'tash, I would. I'm on the 20-year-delayed puberty plan. The foam mustache was a delicious substitute however, despite the pungent whiffs of Stacy's Hopleaf witches brew wafting over the table. Ha, just kidding. Thanks for a great night out you guys.

November 17 2003

Keglosphere? And you deny coining Kegz on Eggz (with the zees)? Clearly you have a prior history with this sort of thing.

If you're gonna live out in OreGON, don't be a stranger here. We could use another crazy.

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