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Thursday · November 13 2003

The image of Mike Myers as the Cat in the Hat really bothers me. I can't explain why, but I find the makeup and costume really creepy. Many people I know don't like clowns for one reason or another. I thought they were being over-sensitive and ridiculous because I enjoy clowns. But Mike Myers as the Cat in the Hat looks like an evil hermaphroditic cat. The way he is peeking around the fishbowl -- so sinister.

To be fair, I don't really like Mike Myers. I think he's a comic hack. Mike Myers ceased to be funny to me right around the time he created the Fat Bastard character in the Austin Powers series. He ran out of clever ideas, so he cashed in by being gross. I have no idea what is supposed to be funny about a disgustingly obese Scottish guy, but apparently many people do. I can be plenty crass if company allows and I definitely laugh at things many find offensive, but I don't like Fat Bastard and I am scared by the Cat in the Hat.

I will not see that movie.

What you had to say:
November 13 2003


I have NEVER EVER liked Fat Bastard. I thought I was the only one on the planet. I'm glad to know I am not.

November 13 2003

I'm so glad we found each other in a world of Fat Bastard loving people.

November 13 2003

You two are silly! Making fun of the morbidly obese is an American tradition, so is making fun of foreigners! I may have to report you to John Ashcroft for monitoring. I hear Guantanamo Bay is lovely this time of year.

Actually, I do like fat bastard, even though it is utterly base humor. I laughed very hard when he was laying next to Heather Graham in bed eating chicken. I like South Park too, though, so I'm not that hard to please.

I agree with the Cat in the Hat thing though. He is creepy. So was Jim Carey as the grinch. Dr. Seuss does not translate very well to reality.

November 13 2003

Dr. Seuss did alright when Jesse Jackson read "Green Eggs and Ham" on SNL. That was a classic self-parody. But then he wasn't dressed as a red socked fox in a box.

What next? First H.B. scolds me for the Nigerian spam thingy and now you tell me I can't be American if I don't love Fat Bastard. Make up your damn minds! I just want to love my country and be a patriot.

November 14 2003

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jesse Jackson reading GE&H.

I didn't like any of the Austin Powers movies. In fact, I don't like Mike Myers much, either.

We can still be patriotic, though, I mean, after all Mike Myers is CANADIAN. It's not like we're criticizing an American for making fun of a Scot.

November 14 2003

Fat Bastard is just plain disgusting; end of story. You are all wrong, and Jay and I are right.
Jay I repeat your sentiment, I am so glad I have found you in this universe of idiots.

November 14 2003

Fat Bastard is why I never watched any more Austin Powers movies. I think there was only one that I missed, but it wasn't worth having to watch any more of Fat Bastard or Mini Me.

November 14 2003

Look at all the latent Fat Bastard hate. I am enjoying this.

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