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Wednesday · November 12 2003

Some people choose to eat really foul food products. At least I assume someone eats them or else they wouldn't be on the shelf at the grocery store. Every time Stace and I are pushing the cart up aisle 3 at Jewel, we pass these tiny tins of potted meat product. I have to point them out every trip, because I'm fascinated that someone would purchase and consume a product named potted meat product. I always point out the pig hocks too, but I tell myself those are for soup stock. Maybe they are good on the grill, but I'm not going to gnaw on a charred pork ankle.

But potted meat product -- here's the story of a guy named Steve who bravely experiments with the foods humans have no business eating. He's also tried pickled pork rinds and Beggin' Strips.

Yes, hot dogs are technically cylindrical meat product, but they are tasty.

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November 12 2003

God, that is NASTY. I will have to look for it the next time i hit da jewels...

November 12 2003

Pretty good on sandwiches with mustard and Swiss cheese. And very reasonably priced compared to Spam, for example. Spam is sort of the upscale potted meat, although potted meat is softer than Spam, more like flavorless pate.

Another really cheap sandwich meat that middle-class people avoid is canned mackerel. Mackerel is a lot oilier than tuna but it's around four times cheaper and comes in a big, economical can instead of those tiny tins.

I recommend both as solutions to the problem of getting protein on a budget.

November 12 2003

Maybe a visit to the one and only Potted Meat Museum would do you some good --

November 12 2003

I never thought I would have a conscience about potted meat. I'm not sure what it's safe to post about anymore.

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