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Tuesday · November 11 2003

Today, November 11, is Veteran's Day. If my dad had to choose between me calling him on his birthday or Veteran's Day, I don't doubt for a second he would choose the latter. If you know someone who has served in a war or conflict, let them know how much you appreciate their service and committment. They deserve it.

What you had to say:
November 11 2003

I ran into a buddy of mine from australia on saturday...the day of the Denver Veteran's Parade.

He was outright shocked at the lack of support and recognition for the Veterans. I was shocked that he cared as much as he did about the Vets & the parade and all.

I wasn't too surprised to learn that he know much more than I about our involvement in Vietnam, WWI & WWII and the civil war. Granted, he is a history buff...I just felt bad that he had visited numerous battlegrounds in american history (both here and overseas--normandy), and I don't have a huge interest.

November 11 2003

Does the US do enough for its veterans? At the time I looked the poll had 84% answering 'No'.

November 11 2003

I'd vote NO. But I also personally don't do enough for the veteran's. SO, for all the people that vote no, should we also try to do something?

and if/when we do something, is that considered 'the US doing enough for the veterans'? if so, then we can vote yes.

So really, the question is, are we each doing enough for our veterans?

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