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Monday · November 10 2003

Before my grandma moved into assisted living and then the nursing home where she is now, she lived with my aunt and uncle for about a year. My aunt and uncle are moving into a smaller space this week and they won't have room to store everything my grandma left behind. Stacy and I stopped at my aunt's house yesterday afternoon to look over and rescue at least a portion of the key prize of her collection: the photographs.

My grandma took alot of pictures in her lifetime. She has at least 30 albums of varying size and age. Most albums covered a particular time or event, but some contained a random assortment of Christmases, vacations, anniversaries, birthdays, and First Communions. In addition to the albums, 6 shoeboxes were on the closet shelf. These boxes are all filled to the top with pictures in absolutely no order. In one box I'll see my great grandmother's wedding picture on top of my grandpa's army portrait on top of me at my 8th grade graduation. The collection is a treasure trove to pick through, albeit an unlabeled, disorganized mess of a treasure trove.

I have about 7 albums and 3 of the boxes sitting in my trunk. I could easily pack them away in our storage area, but I think I'm going to bring them inside the house first. I didn't get to spend enough time yesterday looking at everything, especially the boxes. They are filled with things I've never seen before.

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