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Monday · November 10 2003 a roadie, read stories roadies tell, or look at pictures of roadies, go here.
...dress up as seafood for Halloween next year, go here. (If you are a vegetarian and prefer not to be seafood, better go here instead.)
...see a comic strip spoof of The Matrix: Reloaded, go here.
...listen to a couple non-album tracks by The New Pornographers and watch their silly videos, go here.
...take a really long quiz on 80s song lyrics, go here. about a woman who found a condom in her soup, go here.
...get back to work, close your web browser.

What you had to say:
November 11 2003

That is an awesome 80s song quiz. Very long, but fun to sing along.

November 11 2003

How much do these costumes cost? I can't find it on the site.

November 11 2003

I don't think they list the prices. If you want more info, you're supposed to contact them and get a catalog. Their selection is pretty big, but I have to think most of those are custom made.

November 12 2003


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