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Friday · November 07 2003

Does anyone look at the silly, fun, interesting (at least to me) links over on the sidebar? I'm talking about the ones under the 'Click and look at' header. The remaindered links idea is a common weblog schtick. I use it as a list of things I might want to find later on rather than bookmarking them as well as a place to put dumb stuff that others might enjoy but I don't have much to say about.

What do you make of the "Click and look at" section?
A. I love it! I check almost all of them out and often send them to others via email
B. I check some of them out, but links without commentary aren't that interesting.
C. Pfft, I've seen all of those links already at (insert favorite link filter here). Your list is old news and boring.
D. I never look at them and I'm glad you got the hint that nobody cares.
E. I refuse to let you trick me into leaving a comment on your site. I refuse to voice any opinion publicly. Nice try, though.
F. Where is the "Click and look at" section?
G. Quit asking me stupid questions and just do what you want to do.

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What you had to say:
November 07 2003

I enjoy the sidebar links. Sometimes I don't look at all of them because there is only so much blogging I feel non-guilty about doing at work. Posting on my own blog, writing comments on both our know.

So, my answer is A. I really don't e-mail them to anyone, but I do drag people in my office and show them ones I think that they would find amusing. This wasn't a sidebar one - but Val loved the Meatrix. :)

November 07 2003

A. for me too. Course, i have only been visting yer site for the past week. But as i spend much boring time on the phone at work they are very diverting! As Dan says: "He (meaning you) does all the work for you"
I must also admit that i don't know alot about other sites that cull that sort of information.

November 07 2003

My answer is C. :)

Thanks for visiting, Stef. Boredom is the enemy.

November 07 2003

Hm. I'm not sure my answer fits any of those.

H. I very rarely look at them, but on the rare occasion I do, I'm glad they're there.

November 07 2003


November 07 2003

I forwarded the end of the world link to almost all my e-pals last night. I love these links. I realized this morning after I razzed you for not posting b4 Stace that you *had* posted an update - on the sidebar.
The friendster photo thing is HEE-LAR-I-OUS.

November 07 2003

Yeah, The End of the World movie made me laugh out loud. The guy's voice reminds me of Franc from Father of the Bride.

Glad to hear the links are getting their due love. I'll carry on then.

November 07 2003

Okay you got me. Now I'm reading through all the sidebar links, and I'm loving it. Very much.

November 07 2003

Somewhere between A & B. I often forget it's there, but when I remember it's a nice little treat.

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