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Thursday · November 06 2003

This article at Social Design Notes covers the bleak plight of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and the efforts of a group of poster designers to raise public awareness on the level of violence against women in that region. I find alot of fun, weird, and strange links. Sometimes I come across things with an entirely different tone that make me think about how fortunate I am.

What you had to say:
November 06 2003

Sometimes it is hard to believe we live in 2003 when I read things like this: "Irresponsible local officials in Chihauhau have often blamed the girls themselves for the killings, citing the fact that they were out late and alone, or were wearing short skirts and make-up."

November 07 2003

In 1995 a Florida jury found a rapist not guilty because the woman he raped had been provocatively dressed. Not guilty. Case closed.

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