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Thursday · November 06 2003

This weekend at the Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Casino: 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference.


Attend a lively debate between Lady Mariam Abacha and Mr. Godwin Oyathelem. Topic: "The effectiveness of using all UPPERCASE characters."

Grammatical errors: What's the optimal number?

Practical Discussion:
Mallam Mahmud Abacah answers the question, "Are 10 million emails a day too many?"


What you had to say:
November 07 2003

LOL - best laugh of the day!

November 07 2003

Man. I dunno about this one, Jason. I mean, it's obviously meant to be a gag website, but who's the gag on? Nigeria is a sad country, especially lately, and has been plagued by an evil collaborative tyranny by oligarchs and generals, with a fake President at the head.

Is this by a Nigerian laughing at his own culture? If it isn't, it's not funny to me.

November 07 2003

Right, people who con others out of thousands of dollars are not legitimate targets of parody because they are Nigerian. These 419 Nigerian scams have been going on for over a decade and it's a big money making business.

Yeah, there are a couple things on the page that you might think are rude, but nothing worse than you'd find in The Onion on a weekly basis.

Why would this be any more funny to you if a Nigerian wrote it? I agree Nigeria is a country with alot of people that need help, but is a site spoofing the native sharks who swindle foreigners out of their money really that offensive?

November 07 2003

Making fun of swindlers isn't offensive, but this site throws the baby out with the bathwater. It tries to get laughs (from Americans and Western Europeans) by ridiculing Nigeria's hotels, plumbing, and, for godsakes, number of TV channels. I can't laugh at jokes about how poor people in Africa are, especially knowing that my own elected government's policies play a role in that poverty. Some reference on the page to the fact that swindling is one of the only ways an ambitious Nigerian can hope to overcome the odds stacked against them would have been welcome, even as a joke.

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