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Wednesday · November 05 2003

We just got back from seeing the final (? -no ?) chapter. The CGI action scenes in Zion were completely amazing. I kept thinking, "who are the people who make this stuff happen on screen?". I'm not going to give anything away, but this one was more satisfying for me than Reloaded.

I can't even begin to pretend to understand every plot hole and question and I am happy not bothering to try and figure it all out, because I won't. My reading comprehension skills have always been iffy when symbolism is involved. If the Wachowskis were sitting in this room and explaining everything, I probably still wouldn't get it. Message boards and blogs will be buzzing tomorrow and for weeks about "too much love", "amazing action", "what's this mean", and "how did that happen".

I just want to know this...what did everyone do before they had the Internet to tell them what a movie meant? I'm going to avoid the boards, etc. and ponder on this the old fashioned way -- with my head. I rely on the Internet for way too much already. You have to be careful of these machines. Can't trust them.

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November 06 2003

What do I do if I never saw Reloaded and I want to see Revolutions in the theater? This is a big problem, I think. Any advice is appreciated.

November 06 2003

Rent the Reloaded DVD

Revolutions gives exactly zero background when the movie starts. I'd say you'd be extremely lost. Though I would guess the same of 50% of the people who see all 3 movies anyway.

November 06 2003

But it's out on DVD already?! I thought for some reason it wasn't out yet, hence the dumb question.
I must be living in a time warp.

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