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Tuesday · November 04 2003

Kristin and I were instant messaging on MSN last night. I sent her a couple tracks by The Darkness, because I know she goes for the hair rock like I do (younger sisters are eternally impressionable). The Darkness is technically filed under "Music that will ruin my indie cred, if I had some". However, I'm convinced that these guys are gathering a buzz because the underground music cabal can't resist their air guitar appeal and is tired of moping around to Belle & Sebastian. How else to explain the upcoming show at Double Door for a band that many people insist is a total joke? The Darkness should be reopening the doors of The Thirsty Whale, not playing to a crowd that would rather look good than rock out. I'm going to be sad if people are just nodding their heads on the 19th.

aside: The Double Door crowd at The Dirtbombs show this weekend pissed me off. Mick Collins, the frontman, taunted the audience in a bit of frustration, "You guys came to a rock and roll show. Quit trying to look good and just dance." Pretty disappointing vibe, even though I really enjoyed the set.

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November 21 2003

Was wondering how The Darkness show went down the Double Door on the 19th. Band ripped the sh!t out of the Irving Plaza crowd on the 18th. Hope these jokers give us another taste in the next 6 months.

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