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Monday · November 03 2003

If you find an extra $230 in your wallet this Christmas, buy me the 15 CD Remastered Bob Dylan Limited Edition Box Set, please. Perhaps that's too extravagant. In that case, a remastered copy of Blood on the Tracks (Dolby 5.1 surround mix) would be heartily appreciated.

To the naysayers who think remastering Bob Dylan is a waste of time because his voice will still sound like nasal hell...I hope you get a lump of coal in your stocking.

The remasters are being released as hybrid CD/SACDs (Super Audio CDs). Anyone know the details on these? I'm not familiar with the format.

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November 03 2003

Essentially, SACDs are the HDTV of audio. To fully enjoy them, you'll need a player capable of decoding Sony's proprietray DSD (Direct Stream Digital) encoding which is a huge improvement over the decades old PCM (pulse code modulation) process used on CDs and DVD-Audio discs. You can pick up a decent SACD player at your local Best Buy for under $150, but even on your old CD player you'll appreciate the benefits of high resolution audio.

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