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Sunday · November 02 2003

Me and the chef
Dividing the spoils
I did my best to teach Anna Mae the true value of Halloween -- candy. She seemed to enjoy opening the chocolate more than eating it, but she's only 2; she has plenty of time to learn. Even with all the trick or treat tips I gave her, she balked when I tried to collect my 10% agent's fee in the form of a Kit-Kat and a mini-Snickers. I took them anyway despite her protests, because what's fair is fair, right?

What you had to say:
November 03 2003

Dare I suggest that both you and Stacy seem pretty psyched on hanging out with little ones?

November 03 2003

Hey, Anna's house was the only Halloween party invite I got! I go where I'm wanted. :)

Big difference between playing with Anna and being responsible for my own kid: I can always go home when things get crazy. It's a big step to having to be the man 24/7.

November 03 2003

But you already ARE the man 24/7. That's what Stacy says, anyway.

November 03 2003

ha, "the go-to dad", I mean.

You got me, I give up. I know when I'm beat.

November 03 2003

Well, as for the invite, I did ask y'all to come along to the Bozo Porno Circus show at *!!!* Excalibur. Stacy conveniently forgot, though...

November 03 2003

I didn't forget - we just needed an earlier night (wedding in the morning). And costumes. We are terrible at costumes. Procastinators that we are. I am going to need to start thinking about my costume next year now!

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