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Friday · October 31 2003

I would like to give all of my friends and readers a Halloween present, maybe a dark chocolate bar, an apple with suspicious razor slits on one side, a plastic spider ring, or a rock (in Dan's case). I can't hand out any of those things unless you come trick or treating at my house, so I'll give out the next best thing: my favorite Straight Dope post ever.

You'll think twice before dressing up as Mrs. Butterworth.

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What you had to say:
October 31 2003

no link? is that the trick?

October 31 2003

Lmao, sorry, thanks for catching that. Link fixed.

October 31 2003

I started to write, "Who in their right mind ..." then I realized these people probably weren't in their right minds.

I would also like to go on the record as being the first person here to mention Richard Gere.

October 31 2003

This is the funniest Straight Dope post...I have read it a number of times and each one I laugh out loud (and cringe).

October 31 2003

Tell the straight dope guy to check out Lutheran General emergency reports from years back and you'll be sure to note that there are documented cases of this...
I came across one personally while working in Milwaukee as a student- it's rather gross...and disturbing...but sort of funny in a sick way!

November 01 2003

You personally treated a guy who had a gerbil up his ass? wow.

The one that always gets me in that article is the guy who dropped a lit firecracker in there. I can't begin to understand how you'd ever think that's a good idea.

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