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Wednesday · October 29 2003

Calling Napster 2.0 "Napster" is like hiding peas and broccoli in a kid's ice cream sundae. You tell him it's one thing, but it's really another. The new version is out, it's legal, and it's "a whole new way to find and buy music." Yeah, you buy it. Maybe if we all close our eyes while we pull out our credit card to pay 99 cents a song with digital rights management and in a Windows only format, we'll *feel* like digital pirates.

Napster 2.0 is targeted as an iTunes for Windows, but iTunes just came out for Windows 2 weeks ago, so *shrug*. The music you download is WMA format, not MP3, so it's 100% useless to me. My Slimp3 player doesn't play WMA, and the Slimp3 wears the pants in my musical household.

If you want to read more, Jake at 8bitjoystick has a good entry on his experience with Napster 2.0.

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What you had to say:
October 29 2003

Your first sentence is the exact metaphor I was looking for when I saw Napster 2.0 today.

October 29 2003

I know there will be better metaphors floating around the web today, because the branding ploy feels so icky.

My second effort:
Napster 2.0, the RIAA's Halloween costume

October 30 2003

It is a decent music service but it is not quite Napster

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