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Wednesday · October 29 2003

Scroll down to the article titled Camera Phones, Cont. on Eric Zorn's Breaking Views weblog. He mentions the Sprint PCS commercial where the one girl takes a picture of the slob with mustard on his face and sends the picture to her girlfriend. She asks, "What do you think of your new boyfriend?" and the girlfriend turns to the Sprint dude in an honest deadpan, "I do love him."

Eric's readers are split on the issue of whether the slob/boyfriend is a joke or if he really is her boyfriend. I debated this with Stacy a bit and she convinced me that they really were a couple. She, being a cute girl married to a geeky slob, is obviously unphased by the prospect of such a union. I was a little skeptical, but I'll buy it. What do you think? Is the love between mustard face and PCS Sprint girl greater than the jeers from the disapproving blond girl? Or is it all a cruel joke?

These are the things we ponder. That and why pee streams to the urinal backstop in a twisted helix.

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity" - Dorothy Parker

What you had to say:
October 29 2003

Funny, that. I do not know the answer, but I have wondered this myself. EWWWWW, is all I can say.

October 30 2003

The deadpan exchange between Girlfriend and Sprint Dude makes less sense as humor if Girlfriend really loves Slob, because real affection unneccessarily complicates the narrative, which is a joke-telling sin. And the volume of face mustard demonstrates that the commercial aims to be funny.

Also, Slob doesn't appear to know who One Girl is, which again makes the narrative too involved to be funny.

But in Stacey's defense, I've seen Jason eat several times without getting anything major stuck to him. Maybe a couple of sesame seeds between his teeth.

October 30 2003

I think he's just a sloppy, goofy guy in a diner, not her real boyfriend.

The other question is: who's the guy sitting with her on the hood of the car?

I love that commercial. Why, oh why, did we break down and get a TV??

October 30 2003

The guy on the hood of the car is the cell phone counselor. He solves family issues with the aid of cell phones.

You got a TV so that you wouldn't feel left out of these conversations. Happy now?

October 30 2003

Perhaps she decides right there that he should be her boyfriend. Maybe she dated too many uptight guys more concerned with how they look then her. This is a guy, albight sloppy, that gets INTO things he does.

Then again, maybe she is just tired of the blond girl sending her pictures of sloppy guys. It is all ok as long as she is happy with her clear calls!

October 30 2003

I like mustard. I used to not like mustard. In fact, I still don't like dijon mustard, but yellow mustard is tasty.

As for the commercial, I have no freaking clue. I always thought it was really the girl's boyfriend until this disussion, though. Maybe I'm just gullible or don't have a wacky sense of humor.

But I still like mustard.

October 30 2003

Michelle and I had this discussion last week. She got it right off the bat, I thought they were just making fun of the poor guy.

The girl who takes his picture is a snob. And is sarcastic. And the girl who receives the picture is a friend of miss snobby, but thwarts her friend's intentions of making fun of the guy by professing her love for him.

The girl in love was as shocked as all of us to find out this information. But sincere. She loves her new boyfriend.

And the guy on the car does indeed have degree in cell phone counseling. You could call it a PCS degree. (phone counselor support)

October 31 2003

As our book club discussion was winding down last night, I brought this topic up to the group. Opinions were similarly split as they are here. Also, that wasn't the first time people had discussed or thought about the answer. I am somewhat surprised (and quite pleased) that an ad started a couple conversations. Nobody said, "Who cares? It's just a commercial." Answers like that make me crazy.

November 18 2003

No way. That guy is way to hot for her.

January 10 2004

now that i've seen the whole commercial (they play versions of it without the ending, i guess to fit in shorter time slots...), i am confused.

i thought the "check out your new boyfriend" joke was known to all women, but maybe i'm wrong. you know... you're walking through the mall and you pass like, a mumified corpse, and your best friend points to it and says, "oh look, it's your boyfriend"... etc.

now that's funny.

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