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Sunday · October 26 2003

The I Love the 80s series on VH1 is like Pringles: you can't have just one. I recently sat and watched 1981 through 1988 and I think I only moved off the couch twice. We spent 3 hours on friday watching 1986-88 at Dan's. I Love the 80s Strikes Back this time.

Low Culture nails it with I Love 6 Months Ago. Mr. Personality, Trucker hats, and Friendster.

Donal Logue: Friendster…. The pet rock of 6 months ago.

Rich Eisen: So, the idea is, you sign up for this service and get your friends to sign up and you can, like, see each others’ photos. Wow, that's useful…

Gilbert Godfrey: What’s a Friendster?

Michael Ian Black: The beauty of Friendster was that it combined friendship with… ster-ness. Truly two great tastes that tasted great together.

Beth Littleford: I admit it! I loved Friendster.

In 20 years, my kids will be watching I Love the 00s and making me cringe when the blogging topic comes up.

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October 27 2003


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