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Friday · October 24 2003

DaDa Cafe sits right around the corner from Hopleaf on Foster, halfway to the Neo-Futurarium. I stopped in for a takeout mid-afternoon lunch today. I think a mom and her son run the small storefront, but I didn't ask. The interior is small with maybe 6 or 8 tables and local art on the wall. The menu is equally limited but best to do what you do and do it well: tasty crepes (sweet and savory both), homemade soup, Roman style pizza squares, salads and wifi access. Most new options in Andersonville aren't much of a find and don't justify the menu prices. The new Corner Grille across the street is a lousy diner and Charlie's Ale House is just okay at best. But you can't beat 3 dollar crepes.

DaDa Cafe: Very inexpensive european cafe food and friendly owners. I'm going back for a banana crepe next time.
1507 W Foster Ave.

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