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Friday · October 24 2003

filed under: news you cannot live without

USA Network has a Sixteen Candles sequel planned.

32 Candles will update the lives of Sam Baker, Farmer Ted, Long Duk Dong and the rest of the gang.
Right. Long Duk works part time in a customer service phone bank and lives with grandma and grandpa. Ted is a "freelance" web designer with a legion of female teen readership at his weblog, Sam married Ducky, works as a Walmart greeter and hopes nobody remembers she's turning 32. Jake, what are you up to?

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What you had to say:
October 24 2003

This sounds like a bad, bad idea. No no no, USA! And wait a second -- I thought Ducky was from Pretty in Pink, not Sixteen Candles?

October 24 2003

He is. But who says Hughes worlds can't collide? Maybe Ducky showed up at saturday detention the following week from the prom and kicked Bender's ass. That's how he won Sam over.

October 24 2003

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Something in my gut tells me this should not be happening.

October 24 2003

Jake's making furniture in Pennsylvania with Bender's dad & Cameron is their accountant.

October 24 2003

Ugh. Made for TV? This will be awful. I predict that John Cryer and Anthony Michael Hall will be the only originals that sign on for this. Ever notice that every show Cryer's on gets cancelled? He has the kiss of death or something, which is unfortunate because he was great as Ducky.

October 24 2003

Of course it will be awful. Has anything mentioning "the rest of the gang" ever been good? Joel Siegel will surely say, "Madcap Fun! Take the family."

October 24 2003

And how weird that she'll be married to Ducky. That's just wrong -- partly because the only thing we want to see is how her relationship with Jake Ryan turned out, and partly because of the 2 movies crossing (or should I say colliding?).

Disappointment, USA . Disappointment.

October 26 2003

Mojan, I am with you. She MUST marry Jake. I mean COME ON!!!!

January 07 2004

I think it is a great idea. I hope jake is in it. He is really handsome. At least it was about 20 years ago. I can't wait.

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