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Wednesday · October 22 2003

Stacy and I have enjoyed the last few sunday noontimes walking along the lake near Lawrence. She is from Colorado, and the fall colors are one of the few non-urban points she'll concede to Chicago over the Rocky Mountain state. I know she's got me there, so I do my best to play up the hand I'm dealt: an especially colorful one this fall.

I point out the tree types I can identify, but I'm pretty pathetic beyond oak, a couple maple types, and ash. If you want to know which tree is which, UIC's foliage tree guide has everything in the area. In fact, their entire Miracle of Fall site contains everything you could want to know about the best season. (I'm all for sweaters and shade)

From the Sun-Times:

Solar System Autumn Update: "It's summer on the south of Mars and winter on the north," said Larry Ciupik of the Adler Planetarium.

"Uranus is in winter, Neptune in winter, Pluto in the spring, Saturn in winter, Venus in the spring -- and Jupiter, well, it's almost the end of summer, but it's still summer."

You won't find autumn anywhere else. Enjoy it. Until the wind blows the last leaves off the strangled trees.

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