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Wednesday · October 22 2003

Elliot Smith is dead at age 34. The article reports that he apparently died of a self inflicted knife wound. :( Elliot's largest moment was his bashful performance of "Miss Misery" (from Good Will Hunting) on the Oscars in 98. But "Bottle Up and Explode" is the melody I'll remember him for.

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October 22 2003

You are KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!

October 23 2003


October 23 2003

Elliot Smith Tuesday and Fred Barry (Rerun from What's Happening) Wednesday. What's this world coming to?

October 23 2003

i did an elliott smith marathon last night. love his music.

October 24 2003

Did a marathon too but I had to stop. Seeing him play Alex Chilton's "Nightime" solo at the Empty Bottle was and still is my favorite musical moment. And "I Didn't Understand" always blows me away ... I've never heard a song that uses hums and "ahs" in place of instruments. I will miss him. A friend of mine who was killed recently was a talented musician. I like to think that up in heaven or wherever, it's all about creativity. Art, music, acting, etc. The rat race is left behind and one truly lives and takes pleasure out of making something out of nothing and giving it to others as a gift. Elliott Smith did that on earth.

March 09 2004

I just got into him, its hard because he died so recently and I never even knew, His music spoke with passion and honesty, his words were sometimes cocky, sometimes empathetic but one thing i guess Elliot Smith means to me, is the fact that a sad ending a happy ending really doesnt effect the moment, i cant say im the biggest fan but i will always look up to his songs, he may have left this world but his views and his words that were only starting to be noticed live on, when i listen to a cd i dont feel there anything remotely dead about him, im sorry that I never could have told him how much i respect what he shared with the world.

Thanks Elliot

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