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Wednesday · October 22 2003

You are reading my website, my blog, the place where I practice writing, a little at a time, every day. I aim to improve and look for tips wherever I can find them. 10 mistakes writers don't see (but can easily fix when they do) points out 10 mistakes I am guilty of making: crutch words at the top of that list. A couple of the items are for fiction writers only (dialogue, etc.), but the rest of us need help fixing our problems with repeated words, empty adverbs, and awkward phrasing. (And I promise to not rely on 'excellent' and 'great' from here forward. Give me another word to lean on.)

link via cupofchica

What you had to say:
October 23 2003


October 23 2003

I think using "faboo" once per month is probably sufficient.

October 23 2003

Interchangably with "dyn-o-mite!"

October 23 2003

Speaking of late 70s urban sitcoms, Fred "Rerun" Berry passed away yesterday.

October 23 2003

Okay now I've actually read the linked page. Thanks. A lot of it was hilarious. (Wow. I've broken four rules in this paragraph.)

I think you and I have discussed the use of adverbs and forms of "to be." And some of that stuff - use of commas, creation of new words with suffixes - should be obvious. But I liked his thingy on showing vs. telling.

October 23 2003

I'll soon start writing reviews (if all goes well) for an online publication and an editor will be going over my submissions. I am looking forward to the critique on my style. I know that's easy to say now, but short of a "this is total garbage" response, I should learn alot.

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