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Monday · October 20 2003

I saw Kill Bill this weekend. Like most Americans, I didn't have a chance of understanding all the nods and references Quentin Tarantino was making to Kung Fu cinema. I enjoyed a fun, violent as hell movie knowing all along that I wasn't really "getting" everything packed inside. The silhouetted swordplay scenes, the 100 (88) on 1 fight, the reverent homage paid to the samurai sword, etc. I just read this interview with Tarantino at japattack and now I know I didn't get it. Kill Bill is not parody, but the best analogy I can think of is really trying to enjoy Spinal Tap if you don't who Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are. It's funny in its own right, but you don't split a gut laughing unless you're in on the joke.

If you saw the movie, the interview is really worth the read. QT talks about his movie world where samurai swords are not only allowed on airplanes, there is a special holder for them next to your seat. Everyone owns a samurai sword in this world. I also picked up on the acronym for the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad (DiVAS). Then why is Michael Madsen in this all-female killer club? I'm just guessing, but the fact that he played Mr. Blonde in Resevoir Dogs probably has something to do with it.

Tarantino's final shot of the interview on why he made Volumes 1 & 2:

This isn't an art film mediation on these movies. This is the genuine article. The real deal. And that was one of the ideas behind splitting it in half. There just seems something pretentious about a three hour exploitation film. But two! Two exploitation movies! That's ambitious.

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What you had to say:
October 20 2003

oh my god.
i just loved kill bill, saw it a week ago.
it was fabulous.
it was also chock-full of halloween costumes.
turn that old school-girl costume into a fabulous Go Go, with a table leg stuck to your head. Yeah!

October 20 2003

Yeah grab a kato mask, a black suit and a samurai sword. Costume done. You're a Crazy 88. Table legs or not, we never complain about schoolgirl costumes. That's always all good.

Kristin mentioned to me last night that she figured there to be alot of Steve Bartman's out on Halloween. Glasses, headphones, cub hat, green turtleneck, blue sweater, and then take your pick of gag accessories which I won't bother to detail.

The fight scene with Go Go was definitely fun as hell to watch. "Leave your limbs here. They belong to me now!" Heh, love it.

October 20 2003

Yeah that was so great.
The internet warns of too many Steve Bartmans this year already.
Another good costume is yellow track suit and sword = The Bride.... I guess I look more like her than like Go Go...
Or white kimono and brain sticking out from top of head. YEAH!
Is anybody doing anything for Halloween this year btw? I might be going to a well-known but a little cheezy nightclub at which a friend of mine works........
Okay I'm really leaving now.

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