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Sunday · October 19 2003

Apple has released iTunes for Windows. I've read about this on at least a dozen major tech or weblogging sites this week. Everyone has announced that this happened and hell hath frozen over, but I have yet to come across an article or explanation why Windows users should switch to iTunes. Is iTunes alot better than the available mp3 players for Windows? If so, cool. I'll switch to the free player, if someone could just tell me why it's better.

I'm sure I'm missing something. And RIAA songs at 99 cents a piece can't be it.

Or is this all a load of marketing hype?

All I can find are stories warning me to stay away. These two (1, 2) accounts (via describe iTunes rearranging the entire mp3 collection to its own orthodoxy. Ack, that would make my slimp3 player unhappy.

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October 21 2003

A positive (though rather cursory) review:,1412,60870,00.html

October 21 2003

Disclaimer: This is based on about two days of iTuning at work. Also, I am not an mp3 Jedi.

The 5 star rating system is nice for people like me who listen to my entire music collection on shuffle and would like a way to say "uh, I guess I grew out of that one so I'd rather not hear it again for awhile" without removing it from my official library.

It has volume averaging built in (an optional feature that makes all songs roughly the same volume), which was a big plus for me.

The filter/search box is cool, it automatically filters your library using all info (name, album, genre, etc) at once in real time (the list changes as you type)--very cool for finding a particular song or artist.

I'm not sure if it's just the novelty of something new but I really like the user interface--overall much better than winamp, cleaner than windows media player and more of the features I want than realone (like I don't have to use a fricking menu to turn shuffle on and off). It looks cool, has neat little gingerbready features (like optional fade-in/out from one song to the next = no dead air). For now, I'm sold. I could see Apple becoming a pretty serious player in the general PC software market.

Finally, I just ordered an iPod so iTunes is a natural choice...

P.S. I think you can turn off the mp3 reorganization "feature".

December 05 2003

I give this one a big "I was wrong" label. The new slimp3 server integrates with iTunes. iTunes is the easiest tool I've used to edit id3 tags and the slimp3 picks those right up. Everything stays organized and I can stream iTunes playlists without any intermediate steps.

I like it.

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