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Thursday · October 16 2003

I've been well mannered, cool headed, and accepting so far. I am, however, still deep in the anger phase (and have no plans of leaving) with some aspects of this postseason. Any and all of the following can kiss my ass.

  • The clueless jagoff standing inside the bleacher entrance drinking his beer during the 7th inning who asked, "What's going on in the game?" Hello! It's game 7 of the NLCS. You have a ticket inside the game, a ticket that untold thousands would cry to have, and the best you can do is make it a casual social call? Go take your stylish visor and your scruffy look and kindly fuck off.
  • Soulless Cub-hating White Sox fans. I can't hold a conversation with one of these people without raising my heart rate to 192 beats a minute. There's no Chicagoan I hate more than a Chicagoan who smiles and publicly cheers when the home team loses (except for the obvious time of when the teams play one another). Many Sox fans are kindly indifferent or quietly cheer for the Chicago team. But there's a faction of Sox fans who hate the Cubs more than they love their own team.
  • Dusty Baker's bullpen mismanagement last night. Dusty was flat out outcoached in game 7. Perhaps there shouldn't have ever been a game 7, but why wasn't Clement warming up when it was obvious Woody didn't have his best stuff? Dave Veres should never ever ever be an option during game 7 unless it's the 19th inning.
  • People walking around the stadium last night with "WANTED" posters of Steve Bartman (as it's known to all what his name is by now). Yes, your type needs a pat on the back and hug from mom.
I feel better now. And I promise to never enter the acceptance phase with regards to any of those 4.

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What you had to say:
October 17 2003

Dude. Take a chill pill. It's just a fucking sport.

October 17 2003

lol. Looking at this entry alone out of context, I suppose it looks like I'm a psychotic freak. I write alot of good natured, positive stuff, so I'm not going to defend my rant. If I need to vent now and then, I will.

October 17 2003

I personally disagree with the "it's just a sport" argument. Maybe in Little League, yeah, but c'mon. Cut some slack. This was for the pennant, which hasn't been done in how long? The argument also can be (& is) used on so many levels for things about which people obviously care a lot. "Chill out, dude, so you have to amputate your arm. It's just *one* arm. You have another." You said, upfront, that you were still angry. That's totally valid. & you vented here instead of acting it out. That's a good thing. & you are definitely passionate about something of which, hey, so are a ton of other people. Good for you for venting. You made some extremely valid points. :) Have a great weekend!

October 17 2003

Yeah, and it's fun to use the term 'clueless jagoff'. :) I will have a good weekend, thanks. I plan to sleep alot.

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