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Wednesday · October 15 2003

My dad called me at 8:30 this morning and asked me where I was going to watch the game. Then he told me I was going to be watching it from the Bleachers at Wrigley! Nervous and excited and completely unable to concentrate today. My favorite player, Kerry Wood, is on the mound ready to pitch the Cubs into the World Series.

I swear I won't touch a baseball from the bleachers unless it's a Cub homerun ball.

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What you had to say:
October 15 2003

Are you taking your wife?

October 15 2003


You are insane. CONGRATS!

October 15 2003

I'm trying so hard not to hate you right now!!
Yay you!

October 15 2003

I am OF COURSE taking my wife if she can get her butt home from Madison, WI. I can't even get a hold of her right now. Call me back, Stace!

October 15 2003

You lucky dog. Have fun!

October 15 2003

My eyes are typically brown, but for some reason, they're turning green at this very moment.
Have a great time!
"Next year" is tonight.

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