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Tuesday · October 14 2003

Skills required: 3-D modeling, imagination, enthusiasm for interlocking bricks & attention to detail. Hands-on sculpture and experience with the Castle and Pirate Lego construction kits considered a plus. You will be given 2,000 legos and 45 minutes to impress our panel. Please no Escher, Star Wars, or illicit/provocative Lego themes.

Please see the official job posting or the story at Wired for more details.

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What you had to say:
October 14 2003

Um, I really do have experience with the Castle and Pirate sets. My brother would recieve them for xmas or a bday, and I would assemble them for him. Pirates were among my favorites. The knights were cool too.

October 14 2003

I had the original all yellow brick Castle set from way back. None of these preconfigured Playmobile type Lego horses. If you wanted a horse, you made one out of the smaller blocks. My grandma and I must have built and torn apart that castle a couple dozen times.

I also had one of the original Lego graphic "novels". There were no words, just pages of comic book style frames with photographs of Lego people telling a story. As I remember it was some sort of alien/space abduction tale. The spaceship Lego people came to visit a couple in their small cottage and took them on a trip through the galaxy. Great stuff.

My Lego days were before the pirate sets, but I would have really dug those too.

October 14 2003

YES! I remember those "novels"!! I remember the jungle sets too, those were fun.

October 14 2003

Lacey, sorry that I posted a "novel" on your site about Lost in Translation. I know comments should be shorter than the original post, but I couldn't help it. That movie hit a chord in me.

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