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Tuesday · October 14 2003

Mark Pilgrim on Rush Limbaugh and addiction in general. I point to the truths therein.

To those who have never been either, this sounds like a bum deal. But itís not so bad when you consider the alternative. Because there is notóand this is the really important pointóthere isnít a third option. You can be an addict, or you can be a recovering addict. There is no door #3.
Well stated, Mark.

What you had to say:
October 14 2003

You never know what lies underneath an addict's exterior until s/he becomes a recovering addict. The possibilities are endless when one starts to recover. Living in the addiction, however, provides little in the way of hope....
I never thought I'd be singing praise for Rush, and perhaps I am not *singing...* but it always gives me gratitude to see someone start on that first important step.

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