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Tuesday · October 14 2003

If anyone ever asks me what I had for dinner the night the Cubs made it to the World Series, I'll kindly answer, "a beer and a ham sandwich."

If the Cubs don't win tonight and don't make it to the World Series, nobody will ever ask me that.

Go Cubs.

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What you had to say:
October 14 2003

I guess I'm having a beer and a ham sandwich for dinner tomorrow night too. Fuck.

October 15 2003

GAH! My mother called during the top of the 8th, and a few moments into our conversation I looked up and saw all these fish running all over the place. I said, "Is that an EIGHT?!"

October 15 2003

I would like to think that tonight, what the Cubbies are having for dinner tonight are ... fish.

October 15 2003

Thanks everyone for wishing me a good time tonight. If you know me at ballgames, you know I'll be loud enough for all of you.

The ham sandwich is eaten. The beer is on its way down. There's nothing left to do but bite my nails for 3+ hours.

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