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Monday · October 13 2003

When I first saw The Oracle of Kevin Bacon in 1996, I was just dipping my toe into an ocean of fun and useless web links. I was truly impressed with the raw computing power and database programming devoted to pop culture. Kelly and I used to play the game solely from our movie memories, but sites like Imdb and the Bacon Oracle completely changed how we played the game.

The Bacon Oracle is old hat, but the "degrees of separation" concept continues to entertain. The Amazing Baconizer combines degrees of separation with the "people also bought..." Amazon database.

Type in the titles and authors/artists of 2 books/DVDs/CDs and watch how the dots are connected. Good time wasted ensues.

My hypothesis: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Seabiscuit are the Kevin Bacon's of Amazon's Oracle. Many paths pass through those two.

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