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Friday · October 10 2003

Tickets for a possible game 7 between the Cubs and the Marlins sold out in 13 minutes this morning. I've had zero luck on any channel getting my hands on a pair of playoff tickets. WGN was running giveaways earlier this week to the 7th caller throughout the day. I went so far as to endure 2 hours of Kathy and Judy (The Girlfriends) which is a steep price to pay. The two women are so stridently non-entertaining, they are oppressive.

ESPN Radio 1000 interviewed Mark Prior yesterday. Most athletes, especially younger athletes, give very bland interviews. Prior has a monotone, but he gives a good interview, meaning he occasionally says things that aren't 100% predictable. He took a shot at the Major League Baseball corporate types who gobble up the lion's share of the playoff tickets that should be available to season-long fans. I wonder if Mark was referring to the manicured stroke in the front row who interfered with Paul Bako wednesday night. Buddy, I know you've probably never seen a game without the comfort of a skybox, but don't interfere with the home team catcher when he's trying to make a play on a foul ball. Get it?

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October 10 2003

Regarding the skybox guy who blew the out, I agree. I hope there were a few actual fans seated around him who made him feel 2 inches tall for the remainder of the game.

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