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Thursday · October 09 2003

Emusic sent me an email this morning. I'll summarize. "We've succumbed to the man and sold out. Instead of unlimited downloads for $14.99 a month, we are going to limit you to 65 tracks for the same price. We are offering you no new benefits. Please unsubscribe now if you're not smart enough to realize that our service will soon suck."

Harsh, but would you be happy if your phone company said, "We're going to keep your prices the same, but after 30 phone calls your phone won't work."? The charm of Emusic is that, despite their limited listing of widely known bands, you could experiment and download albums of artists you might normally not expose yourself to. With a limit of 65 tracks, they kill the charm and make the experience like everything else.


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What you had to say:
October 09 2003

My God, I'm downloading like a fiend. I'm gonna miss this site. Alot.

October 17 2003

Shit you mean you could get unlimted tracks for 14.99. AAAAgh how long has this been going on. I've only just found it and downloaded the new Dirtbombs record. Amazing...

October 17 2003

I'm not sure when Emusic started, but I discovered it earlier on this summer. The deal was too good to be true if you had any interest in the catalog of tunes they carried. I think the unlimited pricing deal is over at the end of this month.

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