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Wednesday · October 08 2003

When you browse around the Internet enough, you quit asking yourself, "Why would someone do this?" You begin to appreciate the inventiveness and originality of their project, no matter how narrow the scope of their audience, online or otherwise. The Degree Confluence Project is one such project. The project aims "to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location." As you can see from this map of completed locations, they're doing pretty well in the westernized parts of the world.

The pictures themselves are pretty trivial compared to the information given at some of the points. While eating my tuna sandwich at lunch, I learned about Ascension Island, the most isolated tropical island in the Atlantic. Other lat/long confluence points are in the slums of Lima, Peru, Elk Grove Village, IL, and Barra Island, an entry with an excellent history of Scotland.

If you'd rather look at random, you can do that too.

What you had to say:
October 08 2003

Now that is an excellent way to see exactly how boring Illinois is. 13 pictures of corn fields, 1 picture in a wooded area, and a suburban street. Ouch!

October 08 2003

This site is starting to mesmerize me. I can't stop looking at these little windows of the world. The pictures aren't nearly as trivial as I first wrote. Some of them are really interesting when accompanied by a good entry.

October 09 2003

ahh, cornfields.

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