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Monday · October 06 2003

The Polyphonic Spree at Empty Bottle

After the Cub win, we celebrated with The Polyphonic Spree last night at Empty Bottle. You would have to be the worst sort of cynical depressive to not sing along and smile with the Spree, a 23-member pop orchestra dressed in white robes. Tim DeLaughter's lyrics are as substantial as cotton candy, but the band's ebullient energy and bravado demands you be entertained. As much as I wanted to listen to the show, I was just as curious to see how 23 people were going to fit on the tiny stage. They marched right next to me up to the stage in their gospel singer garb holding flutes, trombones, trumpets, french horns, and violins and crammed into their places. DeLaughter led the sing-alongs of "Have a Day", "It's the Sun", "2000 Places", and "Soldier Girl" like a religious zealot selling me sunshine and sugar.

Since my lifestyle prohibits me joining a faux-cult music collective (Imagine having Member of The Polyphonic Spree: October 2003-April 2004 on your resume; that would be a brilliant curve ball in future interviews.), I suggested to Dan that we could be Spree members for Halloween. He pointed out that the gimmick would have a limited audience. Sure, but I hate the effort of Halloween dress up. How easy would it be to get a white robe, a Jesus-hair wig and chant "It's the Sun. And it makes me shine!"?

The show returns to Empty Bottle tonight. For $12, you'll be happy.

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