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Monday · October 06 2003


I hope that Stacy's birthday wish has real world power. No, she didn't hope for the garbage collector strike to end (though that would be good too); she wished for the Cubs to win the World Series. If you're trying to get in touch with me this week for something not pertaining to baseball, it's not over yet. I have at least another week of biting my nails, yelling "Kerry Wood is a fucking stud" at random intervals, and generally acting like Ron Santo in my living room. Come over and join me or wait til Stacy's wish comes true. I won't be at the game. Even the standing room only tickets are going for outrageous prices.

Speaking of the garbage strike, remind me to not plan a party during one of these again. It's difficult to be conservative with your trash when you have a couple dozen people over. The back landing is filled with garbage bags. Stacy and I took a walk on the lake yesterday and joked that we should have tossed the trash into the backseat and dumped it in the park dumpsters. I know that's the selfish thing to do, but if this strike doesn't end, the streets might be loaded with Cub fans and garbage next weekend. I'm wishing hard for one of those.

The National League Championship Series vs. the Marlins begins tuesday at Wrigley: Josh Beckett vs. Z. If the Cubs win game 1, Florida will be down 0-1 facing Prior and Wood in order. Wednesday's game is at Wrigley and friday, saturday, and sunday's games are in Florida. If necessary, games 6 & 7 will be back at Wrigley next tuesday and wednesday.

No more limited expectations. Get in with both feet, lose the guarded optimism, and root, root, root for the Cub-bies!

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What you had to say:
October 06 2003

I checked that Zorn blog link, was amused, scrolled up to see what he'd written lately, and nearly vented my appendix. Zorn wrote a long opinion piece today claiming that the fan celebration last night was an overreaction and that the Cubs have done nothing so far this season that wasn't accomplished in both '84 and '89. I wrote a pointed, 300-words-or-less response, as yet unpublished.

October 06 2003

Yeah I saw that. I generally really like Zorn's stuff, but I don't know what the hell he's talking about there. So then in 1984 and 1989, they didn't do any more than 1945 because there weren't *any* playoffs in 1945 except the World Series. He makes a dumb argument.

I'd like to read what you wrote. Feel free to post it here or email it to me.

October 06 2003

Unfortunately I don't have what I wrote any more… it's in the trib site's mail chute waiting to be checked for swear words. But I basically told Zorn he had missed the point, that the celebration wasn't about the Cubs getting to the NLCS.

My father grew up a Yankee fan because he was from there, but he never fit into that crowd, and when we moved to Illinois in the '60s and he starting following the Cubs he became a fan for life - even when he moved back to New York. He watched or listened to nearly every game they played, especially after he became disabled, brought my brother and me to Wrigley Field from Crystal Lake several times a year, sweated through every pennant race, and quietly agonized through every lousy season as if he was partly responsible for the team. He knew it was just a stupid game, but he was also a very loyal guy, and when you follow something for decades it gets under your skin. The late summer of '69 nearly broke his heart. In '84 and '89 their flops crushed him. He died in '91, having been a faithful Cub fan for 30 years, never having seen them win a playoff series.

Right after the game last night I called my brother.

October 09 2003

You weren't alone in your criticism of Zorn for his comments on the Cub celebration. His message board was filled with plenty more.,1,6536883.graffitiboard

There's also a poll on his blog if you feel like calling him a "crabby old killjoy and party pooper".

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