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Monday · October 06 2003

If you like your baby name data in tabular form, you'll enjoy this. Witness the utter dominance of Michael, the resurgance of Elizabeth, why half of the girls my age are named Lisa, and 1962: the year of Kenneth and Brenda.

My aunt and uncle are friends with a couple named Ken and Barb. So unfortunate.

More people need to go old school and name their kids Minnie, Mildred, Walter and George. Trust me, Madison and Taylor will sound just as outdated in 80 years.

Female names definitely seem to age worse than male names. Bessie, Mabel, and Gladys? With all due respect to any of your grandmothers, those sound like names you give to milk cows.

What you had to say:
October 06 2003

COME now, what about George, Frank, and Harry? Does that conjure up images in your mind of Abercrombie and Fitch models?

October 06 2003

George is a bit old, I'll admit. Frank and Harry aren't great, but a kid could get away with the name in school without it being a big deal. But Mabel? Naming your daughter Mabel in 2003 is child abuse. You are guilty of inflicting future emotional damage.

George makes me think of George Washington and my grandpa whose middle name was George. Harry is Prince Harry in England. Frank makes me think of the Z-Frank car dealership on Western Avenue.

A&F models make me think of some fantasy, soft core porn, northeastern prep school model cult where everyone wears corduroy pants, plays tag football bare chested and romps in hay stacks with alluring, pouty lipped waifs in corduroy shorts and camisoles. The teen image that A&F projects is so fucked, it's scary. I get the willies walking into that store.

October 06 2003

no matter how warped the image is, the boyz are H-O-T-T


October 06 2003

We didn't even make it on the list, Tori. Surprising that Victoria isn't on there at all. My mom has an old school was very hip in 1880. :)

It does seem that boy names are more consistent through the years. Maybe people are less creative when it comes to naming the boys.

October 06 2003

Don't get me wrong. The alluring, pouty lipped waifs are HOT, but I feel like I might have to go to jail if I stare too hard. It's better to just stay away.

October 08 2003

Taken a step further, I think people are less creative naming their sons because they know the kid will get the crap beat out of him if his name is Blaine or Gavin.

October 08 2003

Gavin McLeod (MacCloud?) - Love boat captain. I never saw him get his ass kicked. He ran a tight ship. Isaac and Gopher jumped when he called.

Blaine - Andrew McCarthy's character in Pretty in Pink. As I remember, he beat a little crap out of James Spader in the stairwell.

So Gavins and Blaines can be badasses as long as they are in Hollywood. Hell, look at Arnold.

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