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Sunday · October 05 2003

Allow me to put my new skills to use...

Dear all who attended our party saturday night,
Thank you for taking the time to visit our home and share your friendship and company. Without your attendance we would be surrounded by even more sausages, tortilla chips, M&Ms, and bottles of beer than would be healthy for just the two of us. We enjoyed spending time with our friends, old and new, and you can be certain we'll do it all again next year. Thanks again for making the event a success.

Your friends,
Jason & Stacy

To the point -- good times as always. Special appreciation to Tori for bringing the birthday cake, Mark and John for manning the grill, Val for sharing a shot of sake with me, Lacey for not walking out immediately upon seeing me handle 10 inch raw bratwurst links, Ben for bringing his stein 6 years running, and Karen for helping clean up. High five to Jay because I know he likes getting the high five.

What you had to say:
October 05 2003

oh, and, if you need to offload some of the leftover brats, i'm game.

October 06 2003

Hey, thanks to you two! We had a fantastico time.

October 06 2003

Well, it's not like I'm a vegetarian or anything. Did you see the uh..."meat insert" in the Chicago Trib magazine? Eep.

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