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Thursday · October 02 2003

My bubble is burst. I took it for granted that the have-to-be-from-Europe Mentos commercials were, in fact, from Europe. Some Dutch, German, or Scandanavian cheery youth celebrating fresh breath, public health programs and 6 weeks of holiday per year are doing bad acting side jobs in these offbeat commercials. Not so. This post at Begging to Differ on the Mentos Conspiracy has the real story.

My favorite line is, "they've made themselves the counterculture candy, the Pabst Blue Ribbon of sugary treats." Well, they both taste like crap anyway. There's your breakfast of champions: PBR and a pack of Mentos.

What you had to say:
October 02 2003

Yeah, I'd heard this before, too. Disappointing, but doesn't make me love the kitschy commercials any less. And bravo to Mentos for doing something bizarre.

October 02 2003

I am very happy we are talking about Mentos, because I recently bought a couple boxes of cinnamon, and noticed 2 things:

1. they came in a box and not a roll
2. they are no longer "the freshmaker," they are instead "the chewy mint"

Along with these things I might add that cinnamon is not mint. So I'm puzzled by Mentos these days.

BUT the package design is genius. The lid, though cardboards, is engineered in such a way that it clicks with the box when closed and you don't lose a single You could even turn the box upside-down and the lid would not pop open. Genius!

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