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Thursday · October 02 2003

I was looking around out in the yard for it this morning. I couldn't find it on the way to work either. Maybe it's just hiding this week. I know it's supposed to be here, but it's not. I feel cold without it. Maybe while I was in Scotland, I missed it.

Does anyone know where fall disappeared to? Summer skipped out on the bill and I don't want to get stuck with it.

What you had to say:
October 02 2003

I broke out the scarf and gloves today. Jeez. I really hope there are some 60 degree days somewhere in our future. Somehow, I doubt it though. We still have playoff baseball! :)

October 05 2003

70 during the day, 50 at night. Move out here already.

October 05 2003

But you don't have playoff baseball.

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