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Tuesday · September 30 2003

Without the Chicago Bears, Cub and Sox fans would have no common ground to share. Indisputable fact: The Bears are bad; very, very bad.

I was impressed with the views of Soldier Field on Monday Night Football. It's the fashionable thing to shit on the stadium's appearance and say it looks like a spaceship, but I really like it. It's a football stadium after all, what do you want it to look like? If people can't find something to bitch about, they'll find something to bitch about. Certainly there is no shortage of things to bitch about regarding the Chicago Bears. Did I mention how bad the team is?

Enjoy the new stadium. Soldier Field is the only thing related to football you're going to enjoy in this town for a good while -- there will be Northwestern or Notre Dame heroics this year. Next year, Bears ownership will note that you need to build a team to play inside the stadium. We can only oooh and aaah at the modern amenities for so long.

What you had to say:
September 30 2003

You know, I like the stadium design, too. It's nothing revolutionary, but it doesn't need to be. It works, and it looks sharp.

October 02 2003

Got to the stadium about 3 hours early. Saw it all and think it's great. Sitelines are awesome, it's great to walk by the columns, and it's not hard to navigate.

They may have messed up on the west side, as all of the gates lead into one big ramp. The ramp gets very overcrowded since it leads up to the 3rd & 4th levels--level 4 is that huge section called the grandstand.

other than that, you can actually get up from your seat & be back within a timeout after buying a beer or using the bathroom. sweetness.

October 02 2003

Oh, but haven't you heard? It's nearly unanimous that everyone thinks it's ugly. There must be something wrong with you.

/sarcasm off

October 05 2003

Yeah, I love how the sportswriters spent the better part of their feature articles this past Sunday (a day before opening the new digs) ripping on the stadium. They couldn't think of anything else to write since they saw the design over 2 years ago?

And to leverage off of your comments: It's a football stadium - they all look like spaceships.

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